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An online resource dedicated to Preparedness,
Self-sufficiency and Sustainability.

On these pages you’ll find articles and videos that will help teach you how to prepare an
Ark of Safety for your loved ones in the midst of the ever-changing, volatile world we live in.

What is an
Ark of Safety? It’s a haven that allows you to ride out the storms of life — and they always come. Much like the biblical story of Noah being saved from the floods by an ark, so also can we protect ourselves by preparing an Ark of Safety. Will you be prepared?

Some of these resources will help you prepare for natural and man-made disasters. While others will show you how to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, as well as teach you the basics necessary for you to sustain your self-sufficiency. All of these resources will help you prepare an
Ark of Safety for your loved ones.

Cleaning the Stalls
Last night the moon lit up the skies. The moonlight coming in through the roof windows illuminated each room. What a gorgeous evening that gave way to clouds and a light dusting of snow! This morning the snow was sparkling on the trees on the walk to the barn.

As I was cleaning the stalls I was thinking of the past few months. Our climate limits the amount of time we have to complete outdoor projects so it’s a harried time. This year we needed some logging done and a number of other excavating projects. There were crews on site six days a week for 3 months. My mountain is usually very quiet.

With so much going on there were things forgotten, mistakes made, and money wasted. The longer the projects went on, the more annoying the ‘problems’ became. My growl also became quite noticeable.

This morning, as I was shoveling more poop than any five horses should be allowed to produce, I began to relax again. I remembered what King Solomon wrote, “Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox” (Proverbs 14:4).

The oxen have been working hard on this mountain these last few months. By their strength this year's projects are almost done and they look great. The stalls of those who pour out their lives will always need cleaning — shoveling is easy. Grab one!

Making Maple Syrup!

Maple Syrup is a Vermont tradition! Watch as we take you through the entire sugaring process.

One of the traditions of our sugaring season in Vermont are the Sugar-on-Snow parties that abound.

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