Build An Ark: Dill Beans - Always A Favorite!

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Dill Beans—Always A Favorite!

Yummy! Dill Beans

Another day of harvesting and canning has come. Today I made dill beans using a yellow bean called Golden Rocky which is suppose to be great for dill deans in particular. This recipe contains all ingredients that can be made or grown right on the homestead.

The recipe I used takes 4 pounds of beans and makes 8 pints or 4 quarts.

After harvesting the beans I trimmed the ends and washed them, while also getting my water boiling for sterilizing the jars. Once the beans were cleaned, I set them aside to prepare the brine:

For every 4 pounds of beans mix up:
5 cups vinegar
5 cups water
½ cup salt

The brine is set on heat and brought to a boil. While this is warming I can now fill my jars with the rest of the ingredients. I start by placing in each jar (I used pint jars, just double amounts if using quarts):

1 clove garlic
½ tablespoon dill seeds
½ teaspoon red pepper
¼ teaspoon alum (used to keep vegetables crisp, but not necessary)

Next, I fill each jar with the beans, standing them on end, packing them tightly into the jar as they will shrink a bit as they cook.

Now I simply fill the jars with the boiling brine to about ½” from the top.

When my jars are all set with the sterilized covers and lids on them, I then have to put them into the water bath. Ahead of time I have heated my water to a boil so that I am not placing hot jars in cold water. Using the jar rack in the water bath I can do 7 jars at a time.

Lowering the jars into the water I then bring it back to a boil and simmer for ten minutes. After ten minutes they are complete! I can remove the jars from the canner and set them to cool in a draft free place with a towel over them.

Dill beans will have a stronger flavor, as they are able to sit in the jars. It is customary for us to open our first jar of dill beans for Thanksgiving dinner. After that we let them age another month or so before we begin munching on them regularly.