Build An Ark: Making Kids Happy with Handcrafts

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Making Kids Happy

I like making things for my kids. It gives me a great feeling to know they love something I made and gives them a sense of family history that I never had.

This is the Little Engine that Could from the Little Golden Book. It was one of my first daughter's favorite books when she was two.

Artax was a well ridden horse. He is old but will never be put out to pasture.

Cedar bed held together with twine, no nails, screws or glue.

Notice the curved top on the chest. I heated the plywood in the oven and held it in a press overnight to make the curve.

My daughter wanted a harp for several years, she saved all of her Christmas and Birthday gift money for two years and ordered this kit. It took us a year to build it then she taught herself to play. Now she has a full size professional harp but she still plays this little one sometimes.

My second daughter wanted to play along with the harp music so we built this dulcimer for her.

I would love to see anything you have made for your children!