Build An Ark: Smith & Wesson K Frame Spring Upgrade

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Smith & Wesson K Frame Spring Upgrade

I'll be replacing the Rebound Spring and the Hammer Spring on my Smith & Wesson Model 65 (K Frame) with new springs from Wolff Gun Springs.

STEP 1: Unload firearm.

STEP 2: Remove Grips
Use kinetic force if necessary, never pry.

STEP 3: Remove 3 screws holding the side plate on.
When working on ANY firearms project
always keep track of your screws so that you always put the same screw back into the same hole.

STEP 4: Remove cylinder and yoke.

STEP 5: Remove side plate using kinetic energy—never pry.
Rap sharply on the handle with a plastic handle screwdriver or plastic hammer until plate is dislodged.

STEP 6: Remove hammer block, loosen strain screw and remove hammer spring.

TOOL: I used a special tool, a Smith & Wesson Rebound Slide Spring Tool from Brownells for $19.95 to remove the rebound spring.
You can also make one yourself with a Dremel tool and an old screwdriver.

STEP 7: Take your Smith & Wesson Rebound Slide Spring Tool (or your modified screwdriver ) and insert into slide and carefully remove spring.
Keep your finger on the spring or it may fly away on you. Slighty cock hammer and remove.

STEP 8: Replace Rebound spring.
Using your Smith & Wesson Rebound Slide Spring Tool or modified screwdriver.

STEP 9: Replace Hammer, Hammer Spring and Hammer Block.

STEP 10: Replace Side Plate, Trigger Screw and Handle Screw.
Replace Cylinder, Yolk and Yolk Screw.

STEP 11: Replace Grips

STEP 12: Test Fire.