Build An Ark: The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol)

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The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol)

Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Caliber: .380
Barrel Length: 2.75"
Overall Length: 5.16"
Weight: 9.40 oz
Capacity: 6+1
Finish: Blue
Stock: Glass-Filled Nylon Frame
Sights: Fixed
Action: Double Action Only

When Ruger came out with their offering, the LCP, I decided to give one a try. Not a bad little gun. It's lines are much smoother than the Kel-tec P-3AT and the trigger is lighter. It's a good little shooter.

I'll run a couple hundred rounds through it before it rides along with me...

I had some time this morning so I ran 200 rounds through my LCP. I fired as fast as I could trying to make it fail.

I used 3 different types of ammo and ran 200 rounds through it.

Outside Temp: 25° F.
Distance: 21'

Sellier & Bellot
92 grns FMJ
Rounds 1 - 100 — Zero failures to feed.

I ran a bore snake through the barrel after the first 100 rounds.

Winchester White Box
95 grns FMJ
Rounds 101 - 150 — Zero failures to feed.

American Eagle
95 grns FMJ
Rounds 150 - 196 — Zero failures to feed.

Round 197 — Failure to feed...dirty little gun.

American Eagle
95 grns FMJ
Rounds 198 - 200 — Zero failures to feed..

And she cleans up easy: