Build An Ark: Turning a Wooden Spoon

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Turning a Wooden Spoon

So, I went out to the shop and took some pictures. This is a very different spoon than I have ever made before. Just made it up as I went along.

First get a stick of firewood out of the pile and mount it in the lathe.
One end is mounted off center...

The other end is centered

When you start to turn the off centered end the cuts should start to show very soon

Start roughing out the bowl and handle

The top of the bowl is not cut at this point

Make the handle any design you like and sort of egg shape for the bowl.

Decorate the handle as well

Cut away the waste at the band saw

Drill out the bowl

Use bent chisels, scorp or bent knife to hollow and smooth bowl

I just got this bent knife, it is very easy to use and cuts a lot of wood quickly

It makes smooth fine cuts as well

Just a little sanding

And it is done. Now I just have to oil it

Total time 2 hours and 15 minutes.