Build An Ark: Venison Ribs!

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Venison Ribs!

Prepare your Ribs:
• Cover your ribs with vinegar, give them a good rub and let it sit on them overnight. The vinegar breaks down the meat a bit and helps the rub stick.
• Drain off any excess vinegar.
• Smother your ribs with brown sugar and the sauce of your choice.
• Add beer (or water) to pan to cover ribs.

Cook 'em Slow!
• Cover the roasting pan with foil and slow cook them at around 180-200º for 4-5 hours, or until the meat is falling off the bone.

First, I soaked my ribs were in vinegar and allowed them to sit overnight.

The next day I smothered them in brown sugar.

Then I slathered some of my chili sauce over them.

And drowned them in beer.

Lookin' good!

The meat should just fall off the bone as you run a knife across it—perfect!

Delicious, savory and tender venison rib meat.

Venison served with rice and fresh carrots & onions from the garden.