Build An Ark: Emmy has Kittens

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Emmy has Kittens

Meet George...

and Emily, with their kitties in her tummy!

It all started around the first of February and approximately 65 days later…kittens!

Here comes one...

Emmy started showing signs of delivery the eve of April 8th, starting to nest and stay real close to us. However it wasn’t until the following day that she spent the whole morning in her nesting box only coming out occasionally to find us.

Near 2:00 in the afternoon of the 9th I noticed that her body tempature had changed significantly and I stayed close by. As you can see George too was near by checking things out, as he wasn’t too sure what was going on. Why didn’t Emmy come out to play with him when he called her?

Curious George

Taking care of the cord...

Things started to heat up even more around 3:20pm as her body was transitioning for delivery. It was allot of hard work for the momma until seven minutes after 4:00pm when the first kitten was born and took it’s first breath, always a relief.

After the second kitten was born, about ten minutes later, Emmy started to eat up the sack and umbilical cord attached to each kitten. This provided greatly needed protein and nutrients for Emmy.

Cleaning them all up

Emmy and her five kitties